Caskets & Urns

We understand that Casket and Urn selection for some families is important. We stock a large range of Quality Caskets made in New Zealand. From the most simple direct cremation caskets to top-quality recycled native timbers, we have the lot. All casket prices are different so contact us today for more information.























1. Buckingham - Solid Couch - Heart Rimu


Buckingham Solid Couch

Heart Rimu

2.Buckingham - Solid Couch - Mahogany (1


Buckingham Dark Couch Mahogany 

Buckingham Dark Oak (1).jpg


Buckingham Dark Oak


Cambridge Light Oak.png



Cambridge Light Oak

Cambridge Rosewood.png



Cambridge Rosewood

Cambridge Mahogany.png


Cambridge Mahogany

Cambridge Rimu.png


Cambridge Rimu


62.Devon -Transport Tray.png



Devon Transport Tray

63.Devon -Oblong Liner.png


Devon Oblong Liner

64.Devon - Shaped Liner.png



Devon Shaped Liner


10.Dorset -Solid Recycled Rimu with D Ha


Dorset Recycled Rimu

with D handles

11.Dorset - Solid Macrocarpa with D hand


Dorset Macrocarpa with 

D handles


20.Gloucester -Rimu Veneer Raised



Gloucester Rimu Veneer Raised Lid

21.Gloucester -Rimu Veneer - Flat Lid wi


Gloucester Rimu Veneer

Flat Lid with D handles


24.Hampshire - Forest Green with Rimu Tr



Hampshire Forest Green with    Rimu Trim High Gloss

25.Hampshire - Midnight Blue with Rimu T


Hampshire Midnight Blue with Rimu Trim High Gloss


36.Hereford -Rosewood, Routered Panel, R


Heresford Rosewood, Routered Panel, Raised Lid High Gloss

Hereford Rosewood Flat Lid.png

Heresform Rosedwood

Flat Lid


47.Highland - Rimu - Std Flat Lid, Unpol


Highland Rimu Standard

Flat Lid Unpolished

Hereford Rosewood Flat Lid.png


Highland Light Oak Standard

Flat Lid Unpolished


53.Kilkenny -Rimu - Economy.png


Kilkenny Rimu Economy

Kilkenny Light Oak - Dee Handle Economy.


Kilkenny Light Oak

Dee Handle Economy

54.Kilkenny -Mahogany - Economy.png



Kilkenny Mahogany Economy

Kilkenny White Undercoat Lined & Handled


Kilkenny White Undercoat

Lined and Handled

55.Kilkenny -Hickory - Economy.png


Kilkenny Hickory Economy


19.Koru - Rosewood, handcrafted, Raised


Koru Rosewood

Lincoln Range

7.Lincoln - Routered Panel -Solid Heart


Lincoln Range Routered Panel

Solid Heart Rimu

8.Lincoln - Routered Panel - Solid Mahog


Lincoln RangeRoutered Panel

Solid Mahogany

9.Lincoln - Routered Panel -Solid Dark O

Lincoln Range Routered Panel

Solid Dark Oak


42.Norfolk -Rimu, Std Flat Lid, High Glo


Norfolk Rimu Standard

Flat Lid High Gloss

43.Norfolk - Mahogany,  Std Flat Lid, Hi


Norfolk Mahogany Standard

Flat Lid High Gloss

46.Norfolk -Rosewood, Std Flat Lid, High


Norfolk Rosewood Standard Flat Lid High Gloss







88.Rimu Satin Handle.png


Rimu Satin Handle

light oak handle.png


Light Oak Handle

84.Pine Handle.png


Pine Handle

89.Macrocarpa Handle.png


Macrocarpa Handle

macrocarpa dee handle.png


Macrocarpa Dee Handle

86.Rimu Gloss Handle.png


Rimu Gloss Handle

Rimu Dee Handle.png


Rimu Dee Handle


65.Pembrook -Childs Couch.png

Pembrook Childs Couch


sheffield range dark oak.png

Sheffield Range Dark Oak

sheffield range mahogany.png



Sheffields Range Mahogany

sheffield range rimu.png



Sheffield Range Rimu


59.Shetland -Natural, Economy MDF, Unpol



Shetland Natural

Economy MDF Unpolished

Shetland Flatpack.png



Shetland Flatpack

59.Shetland -Natural, Economy MDF, Unpol



Shetland Natural

Economy MDF Unpolished

Shetland White Undercoat Lined & Handled



Shetland White Undercoat Lined and Handled

59.Shetland -Natural, Economy MDF, Unpol



Shetland Natural

Economy MDF Unpolished


31.Somerset -White, Routered Panel, Rais

Somerset White Standard

Raised Lid Satin FInish

31.Somerset -White, Routered Panel, Rais



Somerset White Routered Panel Raised Lid High Gloss

Somerset Custom Painted

Somerset Turbo Yellow.png

Somerset Turbo Yellow

Somerset Grey.png

Somerset Grey

somerset range custom painted.png



Somerset Range Custom Painted

Somerset Special Effects (New Range) 

Somerset Pearl Black Met.jpg

Somerset Pearl Black Met

Somerset Pearl White Crystal Shine.jpg

Somerset Pearl White

Crystal Shine

Somerset Pearl Blue Vivid.jpg

Somerset Pearl Blue Vivid

Somerset Pearl Candy Red.jpg



Somerset Pearl Candy Red


16.Waterford -Pine Eco Couch ECNZ Certif



Waterfront Pine Eco Couch 

ECNZ Certified 

17.Waterford -Pine Eco with D Handles EC



Waterfront Pine Eco Couch with Dee Handles

ECNZ Certified

Waterfront Kaimanawa

waterford-kaimanawa sand casket.png



Waterfront Kaimanawa Sand Casket

waterford-kaimanawa moss casket.png



Waterfront Kaimanawa Moss Casket

Waterford-Kaimanawa Driftwood Casket.png



Waterfront Kaimanawa Driftwood Casket



29.York - Black Gloss, Raised Lid.png



York Black Gloss Raised Lid

27.York - White with Gold Pinstripe, Rou



York White with Gold Pinstripe Routered Panel Raised Lid

28.York - Lavender Std Flat Lid.png



York Lavenda Standard

Flat Lid

Urns MDF

66.Gloss White Urn copy.png



Urns MDF Gloss White Urn

68.Mahogany Urn.png



Mahogany Urn

67.Rimu Urn.png



Rimu Urn

Urns Solid

69.Grecian Pine Urn.png



Grecian Pine Urn

72.Solid Oak Urn copy.png



Solid Oak Urn

75.Paua Potarcharp Paua Urn.png



Paua Potarcharp Paua Urn

79.Solid Macrocarpe Urn copy.png



Solid Macrocarpe Urn

macrocarpa urn.png



Macrocarpa Urn

70.Grecian Potarcharp Urn.png



Grecian Potarcharp Urn

73.Heart Rimu Urn.png



Heart Rimu Urn

76.Plain Potacharp Urn.png



Plain Potarcharp Urn

78.Quarter Plain Potacharp Urn.png



Quarter Plain Potarcharp Urn

80.Full Hexagonal Urn.png



 Full Hexagonal Urn

71.Grecian Paua Urn.png



Grecian Paua Urn

74.Recycled Rimu Urn.png



Recycled Rimu Urn

77.Half Plain Potacharp Urn.png


Half Potarcharp Urn

81.Half Hexgonal Urn.png



Half Hexagonal Urn

82.Quarter Hexagonal Urn.png



Quarter Hexagonal Urn