Funeral Planning


If you’ve just lost a loved one it may be a difficult time to have to make decisions on their funeral arrangements. 


The funeral arrangements can be discussed at a place and time convenient to the family. This could be a family residence, at our Funeral Home, the hospital or rest home, or a friends residence. 

The family may wish to spend time with their loved one in the days before the funeral service. Viewing can be arranged at our dedicated Chapel or we can take your loved one home. Viewing may be possible at the funeral venue prior to the service.

The funeral directors role is to ensure that all relevant arrangements are made before the day of conducting the funeral. The funeral director will work with the minister or celebrant to ensure that all the families special requests have been met by the time of the funeral service.


A Minister of Religion can conduct the funeral service, but if this is not your wish then we can arrange a funeral celebrant to officiate. Any person can officiate at a funeral service, so a family member or friend could lead the service.


During discussions with the families, our funeral director will ask if the family would like to use any of our multimedia services, to which the director will then make arrangement to collect the music and photos to use.

The Funeral Ceremony planning process usually involves working

with families to:

  • Plan the format of the funeral service

  • Decide who will deliver the eulogy

  • Select music, readings or other special presentations during the funeral ceremony

  • Special decor requests

  • Discussing the printing of service sheets

  • Arrange when multimedia to be used during the funeral ceremony