Broadcast Video Camera


At Tim Hutchins Funerals we know that things don’t always go to plan. Not everyone can make it to a funeral and especially at these uncertain times of Covid. We have installed the latest technology for recording and live streaming to enable families from afar to take part in there loved ones service. We also have a mobile system that can be set up at a venue of your choice.



During a slideshow presentation, photos of special memories and nostalgic music can be shared with gathered family and friends to celebrate the life of your loved one and encourage guests to feel a part of the occasion. At Tim Hutchins Funerals we will be able to display your presentations on our big screens.  

Street Music


When it comes to funeral ceremonies, music plays a vital role. It is an important part of celebrating the life of a lost loved one. Healing music helps bereaved ones go through the grieving process. At Tim Hutchins Funerals music can be played from a CD, device (Phone or Ipod), or live music performances. These can be arranged for a service if you would like.